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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some Recent Thoughts

* The good and bad thing about life is that everyone is going to die. Ok, most of the time it is a bad thing when someone dies, but remember that bully that kicked your ass in the 4th grade? He is going to die someday too! Doesnt that make you happy? Some people will die quietly, some will die horribly. Every pretty girl and ugly geek will someday, somehow, die! Every person you have ever spoken to will die. Pretty up-beat topic to start with, huh? I think I am obsessed with death.

* If you plan on doing something illegal, think about this first: If you get caught, someone, or a group of people, is going to go through all of your shit and find out all your dirty little secrets. If you plan on murdering someone to keep them quiet about something that you did that you are embarrassed about, when you get caught many more people are going to know whatever stupid secret that you are attempting to hide.

* This thought doesnt apply to me since I am adopted, but how many generations have to pass before it's alright to start dipping back into the family gene pool?

* Is it true that the galaxy is constantly growing? What if it just is?

* Far too many people give cops a bad time. Not only do they have to deal with criminals and other similar bad people, but they have to deal with the general public's opinion that all cops are out to get whoever they can. Sure there are some bad cops, perhaps even more than some, but isnt that true for every profession? Policemen deserve more respect because every time they get out of their car, or step out of the station, they have to be prepared to risk their lives.

* I cant wait for the 10 year anniversary article in Time Magazine for Viagra in 2008. Do you think Bob Dole and his cripple hand will last that long so that he can comment in the article?

* What the fuck is wrong with using curse words? What makes them so taboo? They are descriptive and often express more emotion than most words, we should accept them as they are and not be so offended when we hear one.

I know, this sucked, much like how I suck, but I am busy, what the fuck do you want from me?


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