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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Internet Needs to be Reset

There used to be a time when I could fill up a whole day with entertainment found on the internet. There used to be plenty of sites that had links to get games or photos or videos, but now most of those sites have gotten redundant and boring.

A site that I used to visit all the time was They used to post tons of hilarious clips of kids doing stupid things and bombs going off and other crazy shit like that. Recently though, this site has moved more towards showing off the beauty that is woman. While I dont have a problem with that in general, there are other sites that I go to if I want to see big tits and round asses, but more on that later, I promise.

Now you can find funnier stuff on Netscape’s homepage! Imagine that.

One of my all time favorite sites is This guy always had funny clips mixed with porn and every once in a while a gruesome death, which is always good to watch. Thankfully, he has managed to keep his site entertaining in that traffic accident kind of way, but there arent many other sites that can constantly keep me entertained. Plus, it only takes me a few minutes to get through his new content, so I have way too much time left to kill with the rest of the day still lingering in front of me.

This has led me to conclude that the internet is good for one thing and one thing only: Porn. That's right, the internet is for porn. Sure there is plenty of high speed communication occurring on the net, and sure that has changed the world, but is the internet used for anything more than it is used for looking at, purchasing, or jacking to porn? I think not.

And much like the real world, internet porn companies are forming huge conglomerates to help satiate any kind of perversion that you might have. The Time-Warner of the porn world? None other than the bangbros. If you dont know, let me educate you. They are the kings of getting some big dicked animal to fuck all kinds of women. You like big asses? They have assparade. Big boobies are your thing? Then visit boobsquad. Do you like big boobs and big asses? How about a visit to bigtitsroundasses. Would you like to crank it to moms taking it in the ass? Then they have momsanaladventure set up just for your pleasure.

All those sites are great, but there are two sites that stand out the most, at least in my book. The first is a lil place called tugjobs. Im sure the title is pretty self explanatory, but if you dont get it, basically you see a man from the waste down getting pulled on by a sometimes good looking girl. Most of these women originate from a recently hurricaned trailer park in Florida, so it is obvious that they need the money, and those are the good looking ones. Then we have the crack whores, who also need the money, but for a different reason. Crack!

The other site that I highly recommend gives new meaning to the word degrading: Much like tugjobs, on gagsluts we never see a mans face, just his huge, giant member. It is obvious that some genetic engineer out there is mixing human dna with grey whale dna to produce these freaks of mankind, but in order to get a slut to gag I suppose you need someone with a horse cock. I can only hope that these lovely young lady's had no clue what they were getting themselves into when they signed the papers to allow them to appear on this site, because it is brutal. But then again, bitches need to be taught a lesson when they are being bad, and what better way to learn 'em up than by having them choke on a big ole cock.

I guess I should add that I have never been a member of any bangbros site, and am talking about these sites after only having seen what they offer for free.

Because these two sites seem to be the most entertaining things on the internet these days, I suggest that we erase the internet and start from scratch. Believe me, I like porn as much as the next guy (and if you are one of these people who isnt looking at porn, why arent you? Those stories of hair growing on your palms and going blind have been proven untrue!), but I dont want porn to be the most entertaining thing on the web anymore! Innovation, please come back!


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