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Friday, March 24, 2006

More recent thoughts, questions and statements

* What makes the Japanese children have such a vastly different interest in toy type than US Children? Im sure it has something to do with the nitrous that is pumped into their air by the government.

* If you tell the same lie about something for long enough, you will start believing the truth behind the lie.

* Why is it ok for religious folks to hate and hide behind the "truths" of the bible, but any other hatred, from any other source, is condemned by all, including these same bible thumping, hatred filled hypocrites? That is not to say that I condone anyone who spews hatred, in fact I feel quite the opposite - all hatred should be looked down upon. I am merely pointing out the faults of the misguided.

* Somewhere out there lives a family, or possibly a separated woman and a separated man, who play an important part in my life, but who I, myself, have never met. Im adopted. And it is strange for me to sit here and imagine that their lives continue, individually, without me. That doesnt mean that I am upset or bothered by their absence in my life, because that couldnt be further away from the truth. I dont feel such a void because my adoptive parents - my REAL parents - have raised me properly and have given me a million and one opportunities to better myself and my life. They are my true parents. But at the same time I feel that I am missing a chapter in my book of life. I am missing a sense of where I come from and who my "people" are.

I hope one day to find my gene providers (that is all they are, after all), not to replace my parents, because that will never be possible or probable. I want to find them so I can learn more about myself and so that I can finally have a family health history to give to my doctor, so I know what to expect in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know who your gene providers are. I saw yo mama. She's so ugly she went to an ugly contest and they told her "Sorry, no professionals." But on a rare serious note, why not start seeking out the gene providers now while they are likely to still be around? The longer you wait, the more you risk losing out on learning about your blood. Literally. And besides, although they would never replace your parents, who are terrific, it might be fun to learn what other kind of family is out there. Let's see what the other sploshinators are doing with themselves.

6:49 PM

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