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Friday, June 04, 2004

Im Always Right

This is the beginning of something beautiful, I can feel it already. I, the author, write to you, the reader, and let you know how things really are. If you want some bullshit buttered up tale about one current event or another go somewhere else. What I can give you is the facts and my honest opinion, which, by the way, is always correct. On the off chance that I am wrong I am convincing enough to make you believe that I am right, so in the end, again, I will at least look right!

All kidding aside, I really just want to right about my opinions and give you a peak into what is going on in my head. If you want to comment please do, and be as harsh as possible! If you want to tell me to go to hell, then by all means, tell me to go to hell, but make sure to mention what I should be doing while I am visiting hell or if you would rather I just stay there(note: hell is my home).

Has anyone noticed that besides the fact that we are fighting a war in the wrong country that the biggest issue which will affect every single person is quietly being pushed under the carpet? Of course I am talking about our first ammendment rights. If Bush has his way, we will all be loyal followers of the Christian Coalitions code of decency. I dont know about you, but that scares me. I am quite tired of being told what I can watch on TV and what I can listen to on the radio. This topic was so hot only a month ago, with the FCC jumping down just about every stations throats, what has happened? Why have they all but ceased their takeover? Where have they gone?

Well, if you ask me (and you are since you are reading), they realized how hot of a topic this was eventually going to turn into, and decided to hold off on this venture until after the election, win or lose. Why? Because Bush's election campaign knows that they will not be able to win if this issue is brought onto the stage. It's sad actually, that todays hottest issues are being decided on by whether a person can win or lose an election, rather than doing what is best for the US population as a whole, but that is what this society has become. Winning or losing in terms of anything is more important than the greater good, it's the US mentality!

I have to give credit to Bush though, he has the entire country believing that he is some kind of moron who has been trying to put a square peg into the round hole. I too used to believe this (I also believed that there were WMDs in Iraq, HA!), however I have changed my tune. He's an actor and his motives are politically powered which is spawned by an almost cult like religious belief. Everything he is doing is to benefit him and his uber-Christian beliefs. Whatever his Church tells him to do, I am sure he does it, and all in the name of American Freedom and Safety! The thing that makes him smart is that even though he can always be heard saying that he is going to look to god for the answer, the majority of this country doesnt even see him as a Jesus freak!

Alright, that is enough rambling on for now, please let me know what you think, and if you really want to get me going, post a topic for me to talk about. I promise to give you my honest vews


Blogger eurotrancegirl said...

Baby, Knowing that you are always right I do agree with you that there are issues that people need to focus on that will effect everyone in America. Unfortunetly, if things go out of the news people no longer care about them. I guess that is the downside to such a fast paced society.

12:17 PM

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