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Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year, same problem

So I havent written in a while. I honestly dont know why. I keep telling myself that I have writers block, but I just think that is a line of bullshit to cover up the fact that I have been incredibly lazy recently, at least in terms of writing. Such a shame really, for all of you that is, since you havent gotten any of my gems recently.

Thankfully I have plenty of ideas that i want to get down. But this is also where the laziness comes in. I just havent had the inspiration to sit down and actually write something that makes you laugh.

Maybe I need to gain some weight again. Perhaps I have more inspiration when Im fat Josh, as opposed to my current state: thinning Josh. My pants dont fit anymore and my belt is better used as a weapon of self defense since it doesnt hold my pants up. Another 5 pounds or so and the world will get an opportunity to see what they want to see, the glory that is my cock and balls. Oh, and my ass too. I know you want to see it, cause your all dirty minded, filthy mouthed, individuals who love nothing more than a fat cock starring back at you with its vertically slanted snear.

But I digress... Or do I?

I really only say these verbally mean things to see how you all respond. I dont really think about sexual perversions all day long. Normally I think about strawberries and puppies! See, the good things in life, at least according to my 11th grade english student teacher Mr. Reis!


Blogger eurotrancegirl said...

I am a filthy mouthed, individual who loves nothing more than a fat cock starring back at me with its vertically slanted snear.

7:05 PM

Anonymous BB said...

Kindly keep your shrunken white tootsie roll to yourself.

12:06 AM


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