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Friday, March 24, 2006

Open Letter to VH1

I wrote to following letter after watching "I Love Toys" on VH1 a couple weeks ago. I have noticed throughout the "I Love _______" shows that there are two people, who thankfully appear during the same clips, who have no redeeming comedic value. I put my thoughts to paper:

Dear VH1,

I am funnier than the criminally unfunny Michael Colton and John Aboud. I dont know who at VH1 thinks these two un-humorous folks have comedic talent, but that person should be fired as quickly as the talent scout who thinks MTV's Ashley Angel deserves a record deal.

Please, for everything that is holy and sacred, and for all of the starving children in Africa, replace Michael Colton and John Aboud with comedians who can actually make a poignant and funny statement that gives us, the audience, a reason to laugh.

I write this letter, not to disrespect Michael Colton or John Aboud, but to inform you of an unfortunate oversight that has occurred on your part. I write this because I care.


Josh Diamond