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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Stalking LL"

The following was taken from the Saturday, August 12 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, on page E5. I write it out here so you can see how ridiculous some news reporting can be. In fact, in my judgment, this isnt even news, it is sheer stupidity that offers nothing redeeming to anyone at all. The fact that this "story" was set to print should condemn the editor of the paper. It is laughable, disgusting, and quite possibly the most un-informative piece of "news" that I have ever read. For your reading pleasure I present the following:

"Lindsey Lohan has been receiving unwanted letters from an alleged stalker who writes unwanted things in the notes, saying he and the actress are meant for each other and asking her to meet him in person. Lohan's security detail is looking into it; no restraining order has been filed."

I wont even go into detail about how awful the first sentence is constructed. Nevermind the fact that it is a run-on sentence, but it provides no detail at all, except that the letters are "unwanted" and contain "unwanted things." Isnt it common knowledge that any stalker letter is unwanted and would usually contain "things" that the target wouldnt want to read? And what exactly is a thing? Could whoever wrote this, who I will refer to as Non-Descript-Intern (NDI for short), be anyway less informed? Is this story even true or did the Inquire need some space filled and decided that Lindsey Lohan probably has enough stalkers that this story, no matter the details, is true in any extent?

It's sad to see that something as reputable as the Philadelphia Inquirer would stoop to such lows. I dont even think that the Philadelphia Daily News would print such bullshit! At least with that paper you know what you are paying for.


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