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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Hero!

Perhaps some of you know that Jonathan Adler is one of my hero's, or perhaps you didnt. Maybe you dont even know who Jonathan Adler is (really, shame on you!)? Well, the short story is that he is a designer/decorator/all around excellent person, his long story can be read here: About Jonathan. He can currently be seen weekly on Top Design on Bravo, where he is a judge and all around wonderful dresser. (Is it wrong for me to think that he is at his most adorable when he kicks someone off the show by saying, "See ya later, decorator," and dont even get me started on his quirky, yet blissful facial expressions! Lord, I have a man-crush).

ANYWAY! He has a website, obviously, and on his website you can ask him questions about, well, anything:

A few weeks ago I sent in a question, wondering where he finds his obscurely glorious neck ties (I am obsessed with ties. I NEED more). And to my amazement, today he answered my question! I feel like a blushing little girl on her first day of school. My patten leather shoes are one on top of the other, my white knee high socks covered knees are buckled, my hands are crossed in front of the pleats in my plaid knee length dress and my head dips down to the collar of my overly starched, pressed, white short sleeve shirt;)

Here is my question, followed by his answer:

For those of you unable to read it, here is my question:

"Dear Jonathan, You are, by far, the most creative and inspired dresser on TV (I'm hoping that truthful flattery will get my question answered). I have a firm belief that you can't trust a man who doesn't know how to properly tie a tie. Obviously, I completely trust you! With that being said, where do you find those amazing ties that you wear? I'm quite jealous, and always looking to expand my collection."

And his answer:

" do like a good tie, Josh. I inherited most of my ties from my dad who had a fierce collection of knitted Rooster ties from the 70s. I love a good Rooster. As for the top-stitched ties that I often wear on Top Design, I bought them in Milan and I can't remember the name of the store but, the last time I was there, it was gone! Very very tragic. I wish I had bought about nineteen squillion of them top-stitched ties.

And, I probably shouldn't be trusted because I don't know how to properly tie a tie. I can do the boring old basic knot, of course, but the super phat double Windsor knot that I rock on Top Design was courtesy of the stylist for the show, Paris. Yes, the stylist is named Paris and I j'adore him but I'm irate that he never taught me how to tie that knot. I'm also mad at my husband, Simon, because he's supposed to be a fashion savant and he's English and used to work on Saville Row and he should know how to tie a bloody double Windsor but he doesn't. Bummer."

My hero knows of me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J.A. is the most over rated, shlock designer to come down the media pike.
Get over it, already!

1:09 PM

Blogger Luindur said...

Wow, how nice to be scathing yet unwilling to leave your name.

And why should you care if I like Jonathan Adler or not?

Im also sorry that you dress in a potato sack and flip-flops. Perhaps you should call Tim Gunn....

1:16 PM

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