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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I Have the Answer!

Recently, in one of my fine posts, I noted that I heard a little boy ask the question "why do people fall in holes?" Well, unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way, as yesterday I indeed fell in a hole.

This hole wasnt much of a hole. In the grand scheme of holes this hole would be the equivalent of a prepubescent girl’s mosquito bite sized boobies, but nevertheless, I did find my way into it.

You see, I just got out of a meeting downtown and went to the parking lot where I left my car. Because this is a fairly busy lot they make you leave your keys so that they can move your car so they can get to the cars that are double or triple parked. As I was searching the lot for my car I clearly did not have the sense to watch where I was going, so my left foot ended up entering this hole at an awkward angle. After stumbling and bumbling and not falling down or dropping any of the papers I had, I found my car and walked over towards it with a noticeably manly limp.

A manly limp is when you are really hurt, but there are other men around so you have to act like you just tripped and didnt really hurt yourself. After I left the lot I cursed and hit the steering wheel a few times.

So here's the answer: People fall in holes to sprain their ankles.


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