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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Self Induldence with a Lil Sugar on Top

This is the way that everyone who considers themselves an individual should think (please dont take this as me preaching to you, if you dont want to live this way, fine! This is merely my opinion):

Whatever works best for you in any situation is the way you should live your life, but that comes with some rules. Thinking in terms of the greater good is important, if your decision harms at least one other person or person's property in any kind of way, what you think is best for you is moot. If you harm any person, or person's property, you deserve to be punished. This gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, but also puts a lot of pressure on you to allow for others to do the same.

Believe in what ever religion you want, but dont put pressure on others to accept your beliefs. I have a real problem with people trying to convert others into believing their religion. Those folks who go to under-developed countries and try to convert the locals are complete assholes! They are taking people with their own traditions and cultures and pushing Christianity or Mormonism (is that what it is called?) on them in such a way that eventually these new religions take over! Jehovah's witnesses do the same thing, but they are too lazy to go on a mission over seas, so instead, they focus their intentions on me. Too bad for them that I accept them into my house and carry on a conversation just so I can kick them out when it is all over. See, I am taking one for the rest of you, so you dont have to deal with these special folks!

Believe in whatever political party that best fits your lifestyle, and just like everything else, dont push it on others. You can have a heated argument over politics without having to resort to calling the other party completely wrong and all those that believe in that system morons (in my experience, both democrats AND republicans have their equal share of morons).

Enjoy whatever sex you want and if not that, enjoy whatever sex you can get;). If you love pussy, then fuck all the pussy you can get. If assholes turn you on, by all means keep plowing away. If jerking off to tables floats your boat, then keep dropping your seed on that lovely formica (just keep it to yourself). And if you just love the cock, then please, PLEASE, keep seeking it out. Just dont tell me what I should or should not be fucking, and while you're not telling me what to fuck, dont tell anyone else either! We should all be as sexually deviant as we want without having to worry about what other people think of us.

Most importantly, have fun with your life!


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