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Friday, June 10, 2005

My secrets

This post was inspired by this blog: Postsecret

Go there if you want to see something that is really interesting and insightful.

Here are some secrets that I have kept and others that I probably havent:

I used to have a stuffed lion in the center of my floor. It used to scare me at night when it was dark. I thought he was going to bite my leg off as I went to the bathroom, so I always kept my distance.

I stole duplo building blocks from my sister at the age of 4. She didnt know what she was building anyway.

I used to love lincoln logs. I think I should purchase some now!

I have a lego collection that is way too large for a 28 year old man.

Light Bright pieces annoy me. They also dont taste too good.

I think I am always right (yeah, that is a deep, dark secret that NO one knows about...)

Ive killed (and not just bugs), or at least I think I have.

Ive nearly died, more than once.

I often wonder what my attempt at humor is really hiding.

I desire to be known.

Writing is my true passion, but getting started is scary.

I actually do work while I am at work;)

I prefer the night time.

I enjoy at porn (shocker, I know, but how many of you will openly admit it, even though you are probably more perverse than I am?).

I miss high school. I miss college even more.

I watch American Idol and have picked the winner two years in a row after hearing them sing for the first time during their audition.

Ive seen Hal Sparks take it in the ass in Queer as Folk and thought to myself, "this is a good show, I should watch it again."

I have never watched Queer as Folk again.

I think my parents might have been a little too strict with me and my sister, but at the same time I constantly thank them for allowing me to become who I am.

I fear the death of my parents.

I have saved someone else's life.


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