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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hypocracy of Youth

As I ride home every day I usually pass the same cars day in and day out. There is one car, and its occupant, who really annoys me although he isnt a bad driver and always follows the traffic laws. The driver is a college aged kid who drives a beat up, early 90s style, white Volkswagen Passat wagon. What annoys me me is the two window stickers he has showing out of his back window.

One exclaims "Osama <3 your SUV." Now while the message itself is annoying, the grammar of the message is what really pisses me off. I dont have a problem with him saying that SUV's take up more gas, and that because Osama comes from an oil rich family that he is getting some of that money, because for all I know that might be true, but goddamnit, why cant you have an apostrophy followed by an S after the <3. Your sticker isnt advertising a movie about the Huckabee's, your making a political statement. If you want me to take you and your statement seriously, at least make an effort to be grammatically correct!

The other sticker is white with a drawing of broccoli and it says, "Buy Fresh, Buy Local." I am all for supporting your local farmers, but what if what you want isnt grown locally? And honestly there arent that many farms around Philly in the first place. And if you are all about supporting your local economy lets start with yourself Mr. German-Car-Driver. Vegetables and how much one pays for them pales in comparisson to the cost you pay for a car, think about how many jobs you are costing by driving around that beat-up German POS, cocksucker!

Hmm, I am feeling awfully republican today. That isnt a good thing. I need a colonic to clean myself out of those bad republican feelings. Anyone wanna help me stick the tube up my ass?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osama <3 High Colonics

4:39 PM

Anonymous oxthemoron said...

I think you meant "YOU'RE making a political statement."

All people who drive Volkswagens are assholes. Without exception.

11:59 AM

Blogger Luindur said...

Figures I would make a grammatical error while bitching about someone else's grammatical error. Im such a shithead

1:38 PM

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