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Monday, May 16, 2005

The confusion over the day-time emmy's

Can someone please explain to me why the day-time Emmy’s are shown during the primetime hours? That makes absolutely no sense to me what-so-ever! Shouldnt they be shown during the day-time, so the milkmaids who make those shows matter can watch? Obviously those ladies are going to be busy making dinner, taking care of the kids and servicing their men (or bull dyke as the case may be) at night! Come on network television people, get your act together!

Furthermore, do we really need day-time Emmy’s? Does Oprah really deserve, or need for that matter, more ridiculous accolades? And honestly, soap actors and actresses are just a step away from porn actors and actresses (not that there is anything wrong with porn), cant we just not honor them? Or at the very least thrown their awards in with the AVN's: "Coming up on the AVN's, best female lead in a soap series followed by best anal double penetration." At least then I would watch!

And if you do disagree with me and think that there is a need for the day-time Emmy’s, can you at least agree with me that the name itself is utterly unimaginative. Lets come up with something a little more original than the day-time Emmy’s. I mean that is almost as bad as the Latin (or is it Latino?) Grammy's (I guess calling it the Lammy's wasnt a good idea?). At least the rednecks called their musical award show the Country Music Awards as opposed to the Country Grammy. So I suggest that from now on we refer to the day-time Emmy’s as the either the Daup's, the Daytime Award for Unoriginal Programming, or the Tafaw's, the Television Awards for Fat American Wives.


Anonymous oxthemoron said...

Fuck them. They shouldn't be watching TV... they should be doing my laundry.

3:14 PM

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