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Thursday, May 12, 2005

And Ill take your's too if your not careful!

As always, I was sitting in my office minding my own business at around 3PM today. There is a high school across the street from my building, so every now and then some high schoolers come over to my building to hang out in the hallway outside of my office. This is most unfortunate for me because I am the only person on my side of the building, so despite requests for them to quiet down, most dont really care. I have learned to ignore them and their childish noises, although today I was brought into their world, and I completely rocked it for one of them.

Ah yes, 3 o'clock and the high schoolers come to play. There were about 6 of them today, all female save one. Their leader was the smallest of the pack, yet verbally kept the rest in check. She was about 15 years old with the most alabaster skin I have seen in a while. Her hair was as dark as night yet she had the bluest of eyes. You could tell she was still fairly young because her teeth were still too big for her head, although her silvery braces might have added some size. She wore a fire engine red tank top and black pants that were nearly parachute pants, but thankfully not that big. He fingers were hidden by rings nearly too big for her tiny fingers. She had the others rolling on the floor with her humor and apparently didnt stop at any topic.

Her attention soon turned towards me. She quietly began to whisper in my direction, calling me names that I couldnt decipher. I ignored her and her friends feigned attempts at covering up their own laughter, but her whispers got louder and louder until I finally heard what she was calling me: "Rapist."

Now I am not easily set off, not any more at least, but being called a rapist is a horrible thing, and certainly not something to joke about. I turned my head in her direction and stared at her dead in the eyes. She smiled enough so that light reflected off of her braces. I then said, "Do you think that is funny? Do you all think that is funny? Rape is something to joke about?" She demurely shrugged to the right and looked towards one of her friends. I continued, "My sister was raped and murdered, how funny is it now?"

And that is when it happened. She turned her head back towards me, her eyes began to water and she gulped hard. It was at that very moment that I stole her sense of humor. I was it leave her body as her face turned whiter than it already was and her smile turned right upside down into a frown. Her shoulders slouched and her stomach quickly inhaled and exhaled as she began to breath faster. If she was standing she would have toppled over. I am such a dick.

Her and her friends remained there for a little while longer, but not one of them said a word. That was the piece and quiet I needed to finish up another thrilling day at work.

Now of course my sister was never raped and to my knowledge she is very much alive, at least I hope so since I spoke with her earlier today, but Ms. Alabaster Skin doesnt know that, and she never will! Yes, I am an asshole, I never claimed to be anything other than that, but if you think you are going to try to make me the butt of your jokes you got another thing coming. Be forewarned, I will steal your humor just as quickly as I did hers!


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