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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Those Silly Germans!

I was watching something yesterday, perhaps it was on the food network, or maybe it was the discovery channel - it really has no baring on the story - and I watched as all these German folks were enjoying Oktoberfest by dancing around a huge tent set up with hundreds of picnic tables whilst listening to a fella playing the accordion, all the while drinking from a beer mug which can nearly double for a distillery all by its lonesome and a thought dawned on me: Just how did the Germans manage to become so angry?

I understand the reasons behind the German's desire for a better life during the time after World War I, their country was thrust into a bitter depression leaving the people with nothing to look forward to, however, these people traded in Lederhosen for German uniforms, and gave up the Schuplattler Laendlar for the Goose Step!

But beyond economic woes, what would cause one person, let alone an entire population, to completely wig out and "heil" someone, especially someone as maniacal as Hitler? Again, I understand some of the reasoning behind falling for Hitler, besides being crude, diluted, crazed and murderous; he was fascinating, if you like delving into the mind of a sociopath.

It takes a whole lot for a society to completely change their ideals in such a drastic way, hell, they went from yodeling to yelling, but then again, their voices are just so harsh naturally that perhaps the slip from nice to naughty was genetically pre-dispositioned. For humanities sake, let’s hope that this is the case, and that since then this genetic abnormality has been taken care of with the decimation of their army back in the 1940s. Although, it would be an interesting experiment to isolate some Germans in a room and starve them while taking away everything that is meaningful and see if they get really really angry, and then compare that to the control group of isolated non-Germans.

Ah, I see my mad mind is at work again, perhaps it is time to go outside and get some sun light, or perhaps I should pick up some paint and a few canvases and try my hand at painting. Good idea?


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