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Friday, April 08, 2005

April 6th, 2005

April 6th, 2005, was the most perfect day in Philadelphia over the past decade. Perhaps not in any way other than weather-wise, but that alone was enough for me. Truth be told, I was pulled over by the police and given a ticket for $360 for not having my insurance on me, but even that couldnt ruin the niceness of that day. I have since gotten that ticket taken care of, so I at least get to keep my tax return ($390).

The weather was so nice that day that it was almost as if weather didnt even exist! It wasnt cold, and it certainly wasnt hot. It didnt rain and there was nary a breeze. And to think I have an office with no windows - for shame. For all I knew it was raining all day long, until I left work and a sense of bliss came over me from the sun shinning on my face and the air streaming in and out of my lungs as smoothly as spring water goes down your throat.

At night it was so pleasant that there wasnt any noise outside, none at all! The trees werent restless and my cow neighbors were apparently out to pasture as the usual banging and thumping - a nightly occurrence which is a result of the cows turning around to graze another part of their apartment - didnt happen. The only noises I did here were the revving of the engines from the crotch rockets traveling on the highway, six and a half blocks away.

It is amazing how a beautiful day and a more than pleasant night can leave ones head completely clear. I pondered the wonders of the universe and existence as I slowly faded to black.

Apparently this kind of day is what used to be called spring, however my memory of spring is minute as there hasnt been a spring in Philadelphia in over 10 years. I think I remember enjoying spring. I hope it isnt over, but I fear that it is. It is only a matter of time before I have to start throwing away more gas money so I can afford to turn the AC on in my car.

But alas, summer is sure to start in a day or two, or perhaps it already has, as I am left clueless because of my present location. At least I have my memory of April 6th, 2005 to get me through my days, allowing me to day dream about open fields, green, flowing grass, and how beautiful life can be on a pretty day.


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