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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I have figured out the Japanese

Japan, as a country, is at the top of the developed country list with their booming economy, their solid infrastructure, and their sheer determination and honor. They have built some of the tallest, sturdiest buildings in the world in an area ravaged with earthquakes and tsunamis. They have taken products such as the TV and DVD player, improved on them, and made them cheaper to purchase. Japan has developed a forward thinking mentality where their people are goal oriented. We, as American's, have become enamored with their culture and their people, yet beyond all this capitalistic growth, and their idealized system, we in the Western World are left with this one question:

"Why are the Japanese so hyper?"

It seems that the Japanese have given new meaning to the word "fad." They take their love of silly little products to a new level. Their fads have led to world-wide hits among tweeners, such as tomaguchi, and among children, like pokemon. They have become the ultimate celebrity inspired environment - hell, O-Town was chased down the street as if they were the Beattles. Why is this? Why are the Japanese so happy and so excited all the time?

Well, your wait is over, I have the answer for you right here: The Japanese government pumps nitrous into the air. It is that plain and simple, and that explains everything.

Think about it, what we cover in our nightly news in 35 minutes at 11PM, they cover in a little under 5 minutes, thus allowing for more cultured anime or reality TV shows where men see how long they can hold "it" in after drinking 2 gallons of water, while being tortured by having to wear only a diaper and sitting on a 2 ton block of ice.

Remember the music from those old school nintendo games, such as Super Mario Brothers? Turn on whatever kind of music you are listening to, do some nitrous and then you tell me where that music style comes from!

And what better way to get rid of the general fear of the population of this weeks impending natural disaster than to give them all some laughing gas. Hey, it works in the dentist's office, doesnt it?

Have you ever seen what kind of movie and TV editing goes on over their? It is quicker than MTV editing, and can only be made, and watched while on nitrous.

But God love 'em, who else would have thought that putting a camera in a cell phone was a good idea? I mean sure it was invented so that Japanese tourists could hide their cameras from out stereotyping eyes, but they are laughing all the way to the bank now, and that laugh is only fueled by the nitrous in their atmosphere!


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