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Sunday, February 13, 2005

What in the HELL is wrong with people?

Crazy Fucking People

I really thought that real life had fallen behind the movies in terms of how fucked up things can get... This woman got fired as a nanny because her employee thought that she wasnt actually pregnant, as she claimed to be; she also carried around an ultrasound picture of twins that she claimed were from a previous pregnancy where the twins died at birth. Then, two months later she lures a pregnant lady, one who was about to give birth, over to her house by saying that a package was wrongly delivered. When the lady walks into the house they go up to see the non-pregnant lady's nursery. As they enter the room the non-pregnant lady attacks the pregnant lady with a knife. It seems that she intended to kill the pregnant lady and take her fetus. The pregnant lady fights back with an ash tray, knocks the knife loose and stabs her three times, then runs out of the house. The non-pregnant stabbing victim then takes off her pregnant suit, calls the police, and bleeds out while on the phone... The ultrasound that she carried wasnt even her's, she stole that from the hospital that she used to work at. Hollywood couldnt write it any better!

How fucked up in the skull do you have to be to want to steal the fetus from another woman? What kind of crazy shit do you have to live through to determine that this is a good idea? I mean, at the very least do some homework. Get a job at a clinic that teaches lamaise (hey, Im a guy, I dont want to have anything to do with that word let alone know how to spell it) and work there until you find the perfect victim. You must befriend a single pregnant lady who doesnt have many friends. For the nine months leading up to birth you talk this lady into having the child at her house with you as the mid-wfie. Hell, you'll even do it for free because you are such good pals, and you want her to save money to help raise the child. When she goes into labor she will obviously call you to come over. You deliver the child, but the ambilical cord followed by a simple slicing of the jugular. Look who's a new mommy now!

I know, horrible, but so is this topic. It isnt like I am out there running around being a mommy killer. And it's also not like this is the first time this has happened to a mother to be. People are sick in the head, for real. Just to show you how crazy this lady is, I put more thought into my plan in the few minutes it took for me to type it out than this crazy did in the probable months, and possibly years, she was stewing about wantint to take a fetus... She probably cinvinced herself months ago that her idea was excellent! How crazy!


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