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Friday, February 11, 2005

Laidback and Lazy

For whatever reason I have been listening to, and greatly enjoying, this kind of folksy music lately, and I am not quite sure why. The Shins' "New Slang" makes me slowly bob my head from side to side almost as if my head is going in and out like an ocean wave. Similarly, Magnet's "Lay Lady Lay" (of Bob Dylan fame) is just mesmerizing. And then we have Gary Jules’ cover of the Tears for Fears song “Mad World.” All three of these songs put me into my happy place full of little happy little trees courtesy of Bob Ross (pictures, by the way, my hair is at least twice the size of that fro). But at the same time, all three songs are hauntingly eerie and somewhat dark, which is what I love about them!

I think that the music industry needs to start putting out more tunes like these three. They are by far more musically intelligent than 99% of the crap that is out there today. There is so much bullshit being pushed on us that music like this, music that actually matters, is taking a back seat, and that is a shame. But what can we do about this problem? Unfortunately, not much at all.

It is quite apparent that the music industry is driven by youth and all of its ignorance. Record conglomerates (they aren’t even companies anymore….) push out tons of bubble gum crap because they know that our young’ens will buy what looks cool, rather than what sounds good. It is almost as if music is changing senses, going from audio to ocular. We are becoming a society dependent on visual stimulation, even when it comes to audio pleasantries. The album cover and the videos from an album are just as important, if not more so, than the actual music on the album. Lala

I do understand that as we all age our musical taste evolves and becomes a part of whom we each are, however, it is becoming increasingly hard to find decent music because of the over-saturation of the Brittany Spears’ and Ashlee Simpson’s of the world. Trying to find any of the types of music I that enjoy at a Best Buy or a Sam Goody is like trying to locate Waldo in one of his books, you are told he is there, but there is just so much other shit going on that he is hard to find.

Hmm, I guess I am not as laidback and lazy as I thought right now. Perhaps it is time for more Lay Lady Lay so I can go back into my fantasy world where I am laying in the middle of a great big, grassy field on a breezy day where a big breasted woman is allowing me to rest my head in her lap while she rests her tatas on my forehead.

Have an enjoyable weekend and Lala to you all.


Blogger City Doll said...

Gosh I loved Bob Ross! Use to watch him everyday after school. He was fabulous!

Check it out!!!

1:14 PM


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