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Monday, February 07, 2005

Animal Instincts?

Have you ever wanted to walk up to a tree, either on your property or near it, pull off your pants, lift your leg (or squat if you are a woman), and mark your territory?

Have you ever walked past that tree, on or near your property, and caught a whiff of someone else's urine, thus driving you to re-mark that tree?

If you’re a woman, and you walk past a tree, on or near someone else's property, and squatted to attract a male?

If you’re a dude, have you caught wind of the pheromones left behind by some charlatan? Did you then go running around your neighborhood following the cent?

If you’re a woman and you realize that some guy is on your trail, have you coyly teased this oncoming suitor?

If your a man, following a scent, have you fought off other men to get your woman, only to have the woman run away, teasing you even more? Have you then taken our your frustrations by going down to the water hole and found an older, more willing suitor?

Have you killed for food? Or have you even scavenged?

Do you travel in a pack, or are you a loner?

Have you been outcast by your peers?

Have you been loved by your mother?

Did your mother go missing?

Do you know who your father is?

Have you built your own home? Or perhaps took another's home?

Can you lick yourself clean?

Do others fear you?

Do you live in fear?

Have you lived near your home for your entire life?

Have you traveled long distances only to come home when it matters?

Did you leave home never to come home again?

Do you think and reason, or do you just do?

What are you really?


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