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Monday, February 14, 2005

Super yikes!

This kind of falls under the category of "not enough publicity in the media." SUPER-HIV(pronounced hiv, not the spelled out H.I.V.)

It seems that there is a new strain of HIV going around that turns into full-blown-AIDS after 2 or 3 months, and according to the news it is targeting the gay male community. I wonder how many bible thumpers are rejoicing while exclaiming that it is gods way at dealing with his mistakes (how awful, but you know that is what every southern, religious-right, brainwashed, redneck is thinking). I see a new slew of "use pretection" commercials all over the tv just like in the mid 80s to early 90s. I guess we havent really realized how much Liza "Left-Eye" Lopez sudden death actually effected us, but soon we will learn. We will learn all too quickly. I wonder how many pro-condom folks will staple safe sex info to a wrapped condom? Will the government approach the idea of teaching masturbation in health class as a healthy and safe option to sex? Ah well, I guess I wont be opening that "No Condoms Allowed" group sex club that I was going to call "Bukkake! Bar," complete with semen flavored martini's, and the laid back "Glory Hole Lounge." Unprotected sex wouldnt know what hit it in its eye, but trust me, pink eye would be its least concern.

In all seriousness, and all joking aside, after all the work that has been done towards a cure for AIDS, along with all of the work done towards AIDS prevention, this new strand of AIDS could demoralize the entire community and kill far too many people. Remember, before you put it in, put one on. And help control the pet poulation by having your pets spaded or neutered.


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