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Friday, February 18, 2005

Too much Jesus going around for my taste

Has anyone else noticed that all of these wrist bands that people are sporting to show support for whatever cause they paid $3-$5 dollars to support look an awful lot like the WWJD bands that christians have been wearing for ages to remind themselves of What Would Jesus Do? Well if you havent, look again! (as an aside, I have learned that the LiveStrong bracelets, the yellow ones sold by Lance Armstrong, are causing some confussion in hospital ERs around the country as the yellow in the bracelets is the same color yellow as hospitals use to let all the doctors and nurses know that a patient is a DNR. Similarly, the purple bracelets, sold by the American Cancer Society to "Celebrate Hope," is the same color that hospitals use to show that a person has a risk of falling. Red bracelets, used to show that a patient has an allergy, is being sold as an AIDS support bracelet). And honestly, arent we getting a little out of hand with all of these bracelets. Seriously, check out this list and see how many different meanings each color can have! Personally, I would go with light blue, but people would probably think that I was supporting the causes of ovarian cancer, gerd or trisomy 18, while I am really in support of Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

It has become so bad that pretty soon we can start playing Snap with the support bracelets. I am going to go up to some hotty and snap off a blue bracelet in the hopes of receiving some oral pleasure, but instead I come to find out that this hotty's bracelets are not for the snap game. No, this woman is some hippy freak hotty who supports just about every cause and while she wont blow me, she will give me some Interstitial Cystitis. What fun is that?

Back to the Jesus talk (nothing like talking about Jesus after talking about Interstitial Cystitis). Ok, now think about those magnetized support ribbons that every other person has on their car. Think of the shape that this fake ribbon forms. Got that shape in your head? Now turn that shape on its side. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt it look like a jesus fish? Now if they could only make it look like a Darwin fish;)


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