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Monday, February 28, 2005


There are many words that, over the years, have become "hot" words in marketing that are used to sell products. Recently, one such word has popped up all over the place and this one word annoys me more than any other 10 annoying words put together! I know you must think I am crazy for having a word that sends shivers of pain up my spine, but I argue that if you listen to the word itself it will irritate you too!

I dont know the history of the product, but I do know that it is some kind of sauce used in mexican dishes. I must admit my ignorance of the sauce since I have not tried it, but if it tastes anything like how it sounds I can tell you that this guy wont be having any!

As you can see, my hatred for the word is strictly audible. I hate everything about the way it sounds. And I hate it even more that every fast food restaurant uses the sauce to make it seem that they are classier than they are! Wendy's uses it on chicken, Burger King on a salad, McDonalds on a special sandwich. What ever happened to a burger joint selling burgers? But that is another topic for another day, back to Chipotle.

Doesnt it sound like the word just ended abruptly? I know it comes from another language, but shouldnt there be more too it? Chipotle. Yecccch, it bothers me like I just took a massive dump and after I finished I just then realized that there is no toilet paper left.

Every time I hear the word spoken I want to grab the speaker by the lips and just pull until said lips have been ripped from the speakers face. Then I would say, "Say chipotle again mother fucker" in my best Samuel Jackson impersonation. But since I dont do a Samuel Jackson impersonation it would just look silly and thus increase my hatred for the word chipotle.

The word makes me want to go into a Wendy's, order a sandwich and as for some chipotle on the side. I would then take the container, walk up to the manager’s face and throw it on him like his name was Soupy Sales, while exclaiming, "how's that for chipotle."

I hope my lame attempts at humor dont mask my true intention of this post: for everyone in the known world to realize the infuriation that one word can cause to a usually mild-mannered, even-tempered, intellectually-stimulating fella. I hope to have this word removed from the English vernacular shortly and expect you all to agree with my spite!


Anonymous I really need a new hobby said...

Actually, Chipotle is the name of a type of pepper. If a sauce has the same name then they most likely are implying that it contains (or tastes somewhat like) the aforesaid pepper. Anyhow, there's a restaurant called chipotle and they make tasty burritos. yum.

6:33 PM

Blogger Luindur said...

Actually, if you really want to get technical a chipotle pepper is a smoked jalapeno pepper, so a chipotle isnt really a type of pepper, as much as it is a way to prepare a jalapeno.

You are correct in your assesment of the Chipotle establishment however, they do make some tasty burritos. Their soft tacos with shredded beef and corn chowder are even better;)

12:53 AM

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11:48 PM

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