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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Credit? What's that?

I know I certainly dont know mine, although I do know that it used to be a lot better than it is now, but that is besides the point. Oh yeah, what is my point? How about the fact that it is nearly impossible to find out your true credit rating without getting a complete run around and then you have to pay for it. PAY FOR IT!!!!!

Why is something so crucial to your spending future so inaccessible to each individual? When we were in school each teacher or professor never had a problem telling you how you were doing. Hell, recently I even received a letter from the government telling me my social security situation - how much I have put into it, and how much I can expect to get - and I am decades away from being able to use that (that is, if it even exists when I am that age...). Yet if I want to find out my credit rating I have to go through any number of agencies, each that calculate your rating in a different way!

Honestly, as it stands now, my credit rating isnt as important to me as it should be, but I figure that I have time to improve it so that when I really need it, it wont be an issue. But in the meantime, have a report send to me annually would really help out, not only in knowing how I currently stand, but also in understanding the system and finding ways to improve my score more quickly.

I guess I just dont understand why a number that is used in countless different ways to reflect on each persons individuality is so hard to come by for each individual. Would it really be that hard to standardize the system and allow it to be more accessible to each person? Shouldnt it almost be like your bank account where you can go online and see each transaction and where that transaction has left you?

I know, this post has more questions then answers, but this topic really needs to be discussed because more and more people are coming into bad credit and nothing is being done to rectify the situation. On the contrary, credit card companies are giving out more credit to younger people who arent fiscally responsible enough to handle credit they are given and are thus tossed down the seemingly endless well of credit card debt (which I am sure the credit card company’s dont actually mind, in fact, they probably favor it).

I am sure the answer will come in some form of legislation; I just wonder how much time will go by before it is made a major issue. Anyway, enough of this bullshit rant. I have nothing else good to say, so I might as well say nothing at all.


Blogger eurotrancegirl said...

The credit system is a piece of shit. I for one don't give a shit about my credit. I don't think a little number can or should reflect soo much. The Credit Card companies are evil people. While my credit isnt good its not that bad, so whatever.

Honestly though you make an excellent point about trying to get your number. I have numerous credit reports and not one gives me my "rating" unless I pay them a free. What shit!!!!

3:40 PM

Anonymous oxthemoron said...

You'll be pleased to know that there's legislation that is being phased in by region that require the three major bureaus to provide one free credit report per SSN per year. Of course, they started it in the western US and eastern US is last in line... but better late than never!

3:15 PM

Anonymous Seth said...

Actually, you have more then one credit score since there are multiple credit agencies. When I was selling cars I got to see lots of crdit reports. If I end up going back to that I'll pull your credit for free.

as a side note, I no longer have a working phone # for you so if you have any interest in me ever calling you again you should tell me what your phone number is now.

8:28 PM

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