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Monday, May 16, 2005

Just when you thought I didnt have a heart

Friday evening I was driving to the Super Fresh to purchase some food to eat (as is usually the case when driving to a super market). To get to the super fresh I had to make a left hand turn across some train tracks and usually there is a homeless gentleman standing there (or lounging I suppose) begging for money. This was not the case however, as this time a woman was standing in his place.

Her hair was pulled back real tight and she made two little nubs on the back corners of her scalp, forming what looked like two lil bear ears. She had baggy eyes, quite similar to Droopy Dog of Loony Tunes fame, a tiny little button nose, and thin lips. Her chin was non-existent. She wore nothing but a tattered flowery patterned sundress to cover her leathery skin, although she couldnt have been more than 35 years old. I can only hope she had underwear on, however I wouldnt be surprised if she didnt. Her breasts could only be described as mosquito bites, but they fit with the rest of the package.

As she stood there she held a sign claiming that she was stranded and needed help. I can only surmise that miss partied-too-hard-in-the-90s was tossed out of a moving car and needed to get back home to West Virginia before her brother-husband, the one who did the tossing, got real angry and wed her younger sister-daughter. Being the gentleman that I am, I slowly lowered my window, extended my arm and said, "there's a strip club, go get a job," while pointing across the street.

Unfortunately I dont have an end to this story, although she was not there the next day, leading me to assume that she took my advise, got a one night gig, and made enough money to un-strand herself. That or she ended up dead in a ditch. Either way, someone helped her out. Yeesh...


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