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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jesus Juice on the House

Normally I dont like posting about popular topics because they are usually too played out, but I cant resist today, so I must join the masses and post about how unbelievable it is that Michael Jackson is allowed to walk the streets, albeit sheltered by hulking security guards and whatever facial mask he decides to wear.


I dont know what I am more disturbed by, the fact that a multiple times sex offender is free to offend more young boys or the fact that as soon as I would attempt to pour red wine into a pepsi can and call it jesus juice the cops would pound down my door, toss me naked in the clink and throw away the key!

Maybe I am disturbed at the inefficiency of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office who just cant seem to get anyone with any kind of money put into prison. OJ, free; Beretta, free; Michael Jackson, free, twice. If Phil Spector is deemed not guilty I am going to start a fucking petition to get LA removed from this country's protection as they clearly follow different rules than the rest of the country.

Is this the face of the next freed bad guy?

I could blame the jury for the acquittal, however it was up to the DA's office to select a jury that they thought would produce a guilty verdict. Did that happen? Of course not! And dont tell me that the DA's office didnt have enough money to fund a decent case, because while they didnt have the same kind of money that the defense had, they certainly spent a lot of taxpayers money to get this creep and they failed!

Really, the kid must have been asking for it with his innocent, cute, bald, cancer-ridden face and his soft, silk-like skin. Come to think of it, Michael Jackson has it all figured out, he keeps his kids covered up at all times so that other pedofiles cant have the opportunity to spoil his children! So listen up any parents or soon to be parents, cover up your kids! I suggest a full body sized burlap sack. Sure it will be hot, but it sure will keep ole' Zebra-cock away.

And speaking of fancy dressing, does anyone have any idea why Michael Jackson wears a maroon colored arm band with gold borders around his right bicep? Does he think that he is part of an army and that is his war decoration? Will he get a new arm band to signify that he has outlived another "war?" Perhaps he should be given the pink heart, which signifies that he was hurt by these legal proceedings, but that he survived! Did anyone notice that along with his arm band he also wore blue colored jammy bottoms to court yesterday?

To continue on with this crazy talk, why on earth was that bitch releasing doves? She looked about as sane as Phil Spector. Such a shame that it wasnt hunting season.

Ah, enough bitching about this, just remind me to go to LA whenever I want to rape a young boy or murder my wife, or do just about whatever (except j-walking, they fuck you with j-walking in LA!).


Anonymous oxthemoron said...

LA--never been, never care to go. It's a city of fakes, flakes, and fruits--when the smog clears long enough to see any of them.

/east coast rules

12:56 PM


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