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Friday, July 29, 2005

Blank Mind

When I was a child I always thought that my parents had the ability to read my mind. I dont know why I ever thought that to begin with, but that idea stuck with me throughout my youth and probably into my pre-teen years.

Every time I got yelled at I would think that they could tell I was lying or that I was hiding something from them, so I started to practice keeping a blank mind anytime I got caught doing something (although I must admit that I was fairly crafty at not getting caught and at getting out of any situation I did get caught in). I got so good at making my mind empty that I then learned how to lie with ease, and eventually learned how to manipulate people (I have actually lost friends who were scared of my ability to manipulate others and thought that I would manipulate them as well), although that is a story for another time.

Did anyone else believe that their parents could read their minds? Or was I the only gullible moron child who thought this?


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