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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


How many citizens of this fine country dont speak English I wonder? It almost seems that there are more people in this country who dont speak our language than there are in other countries that you can go visit. It's easier to go to Spain and order a sangria than it is to go to East Harlem to order a Mad Dog.

See, people want to come to this country because it offers them a better chance at life. While they may come here and become a janitor, it is still a better life than staying in a run down country where you are making little toy trinkets that are exported to the good ol' US of A, getting paid pennies an hour. When they export themselves they cut out the middle man; instead they get the opportunity to earn that extra dough.

Yet when they come here they dont learn English. They are so attached to their culture that they claim, in their own language no less, that they wont learn English because they dont want to forget their past.

Honestly, I am fine with that, because if they did learn english, then who is going to be our janitors? If you will notice, their offspring, who usually learn English by default, dont want those same jobs, probably because the first English phrase they learn is, "I aint doin' dat."

Which leads me to my point, we need to keep bringing in foreigners so that someone will clean up our shit, because once foreigners learn English they forget how to do the jobs that us naturally speaking English folks forgot to do long ago.

By the way, how do you like your shirt's done?


Blogger eurotrancegirl said...

So do they do this to skirts also or just pants?

2:22 PM


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