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Monday, August 22, 2005

Cop Math

Is it possible that there a mathematical equation that could help me calculate the possibility of not passing a police officer while driving too and from work? If so, I would like to have that equation, and I am sure that you would too!

I know, it is a random thing for me to think about, but let me explain. The way I figure, passing a cop on the street is dependent on many different independent factors, traffic lights, traffic, time of day and weather to name a few, but mainly you have to figure in your starting point, all the stops you make, and the speed at which you travel. Of course this equation would have to be computed continuously to account for the probability of you running into a cop at every point from where you started to where you finish. Knowing all of the police coverage routes in a specific community would be necessary, and factoring in the possibility of an emergency would also be required.

Unfortunately I ceased my math studies after my first year of college, so I cant figure out the equation. However, it has everything to do with probability, so maybe it wouldnt be as hard as I initially thought to figure this thing out...

Well, once I do figure this thing out I will be able to reroute my traveling patterns and the roads I take so that I can speed all I want and never have to worry about getting my car inspected;)


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