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Friday, July 09, 2004

Clap all you want...

Here's what I dont get, whenever there is an election the people who consider themselves a democrat are out in droves supporting their candidate, yet when the actual election rolls around the republicans make up an even, if not greater amount of the voting population. That, of course, is just a theory of mine, I have not found proof to back up that acusation. I derived it from the fact that during the last presidential election there were a TON of Gore supporters all over the place. Vocally it seemed that Gore supporters outnumbered Bush supporters at least 2 to 1. But when all the votes were tallied (or not as the fuckin' Chads in Florida can atest) it was virtually neck and neck (another argument for another day). Why is that?

Naturally, I have a couple of theory's to answer my theory...

Democrats are younger. You might ask yourself, "What the fuck does that have to do with anything?" Well, younger people tend to be more outspoken. They want to say more, not only to get heard, but to get their point across. They take every advantage that they can get, whether it be protesting by tying their arms together and creating a baracade across a major road (which, by the way, only makes me want to run over your smelly fuckin asses, thro it in reverse, drive over you again, and finally thro it back into first, squeal out and squash your hippy brains all over the road - I agree with what you are saying, half the time, but your tactics suck like a 12 year old asian girl getting paid for the first time...), or approaching every newscaster they can find, or even writing a stupid blog this this trepid piece of shit... Hell, yesterday's dirty hippies are todays staunch republicans! The problem is that - and again this is just a theory - while these young folks are speaking out, a good majority of them arent actually getting out to the polls and casting their vote! Personally speaking, I am 27 years old and have voted in every presidential election since I turned 18, but I get the feeling that the majority of America's voting youth believe that they dont have to vote because other people their age will do it for them. I cant imagine why they would get this impression. Oh wait, maybe it has to do with the fact that their peers are so fucking outspoken. Can it be true that these hippy preachers that walk around with dreadlocks, dirty clothes and birkenstocks while not showering and refusing to wear deodorant are actually hurting their cause because they are so out in the open? To me it makes sense, but what the fuck do I know, I am no social scientist (oh shit, I have a BA in Liberal Arts, I guess I am....).

Maybe instead of trying to drill into our heads the information about how bad the republicans are they should focus more on getting todays voting youth to vote in the first place!

On the flip side we have the Republicans... Who the fuck knows a republican personally? The only ones I run into are on the internet telling me how George W. Bush isnt a liar and trying to convince me that he is the best president since Howard fucking Taft. Ok, maybe that is an overstatement, I do know a few kooky republicans who boldly support Bush with every fiber in their otherwise useless bodies, but that is besides the point. If just around half of the voting population is casting for a republican, how come I dont run into more of them on the streets? Are the republicans so organized that they have told all of their members to keep their mouths shut, to let the Democrats talk their way out of a nomination? As democratic supporters are usually the young, republican supporters are usually comprised of older folks, simply because older people have more money and republicans like to tax our great country less. Simple and clear. And it is obviously because of the tax breaks that many "republicans" actually show up in November and vote. Basically, in my eyes, it is due to their selfishness that they vote republican. Sure their is the Christian Coalition, which has recently taken over the republican party, but a good number of "republicans" actually believe more in the democratic ideals, but vote republican solely because of the tax breaks...

So lets break it down:

Democrats = loud, outspoken youths who dont vote out of ignorance
Republicans = quiet, rich folks who silently kill this country because of tax breaks

What a world we live in folks.

Now I bet you are assuming that because of this post I am a democrat. WRONG. Although I am not a republican either (although I am registered as one so I can vote in the republican primary!). I am an independent, a floater if you will. I vote for the person who I think hold themselves as closely to my ideals as possible. Of course this lead me to vote for Nader in 2000, which just goes to show that I am as much part of the problem as a non-voting democrat. Besides believing in a lot of what Nader has to say, I voted for Nader because I believed he had a ligitimate shot at getting 5% of the vote, which would have given the Green Party matching funding in this election. Of course he only ended up getting 3% of the vote, so fuck me in the ass, Bush got into office. At the time I didnt know how much of a monster Bush was going to turn into. I believed that he would surround himself with intelligent individuals who could run this country for 4 years without fucking it up too bad. I thought that 4 years of this twit was worth having an equal 3rd option for 2004. Oh how wrong I was! First, Nader didnt get the needed 5% (probably, again, because the majority of Nader supporters were young) so we are stuck with two parties. Also, Bush has turned out to be a Christian Fundamentalist who regularly consults with "god" (or as Bush likes to call him, Dick Chaney) over every major decissions and who has managed to fuck up this country (as well as Iraq, Afghanastan, and our relationships with nearly every country in the world) worse than how he drove 4 oil companies into bankruptsy. Finally, Im in an office all by myself (sure it has nothing to do with the argument, but I needed a "finally" and am not talented enough to think of a third argument at the moment). I was as much of the problem as the loud, yet youthful democrats and the quiet, yet religious republicans.

I am changing all of that though, at least trying to. I will vote for Kerry/Edwards and will hope that the rest of you clowns will too! There is nothing worse for this country than its most important office being filled with an empty-headed Bush being lead around by a small Dick.

Im done bitches...