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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Latest Attempt to Answer That Age Old Question...

There is no truer statement, at least to me, right now at this point in my life, than "life is what you make of it."

We have always, as people, questioned the meaning of life only to never have an outright answer. But since humanity is generally about individuality, each person gets to decide, for themselves, what their life is about, whether it be helping others or pleasing themselves.

Some believe that we dont have the right to impose our beliefs upon others, and while this statement is mostly valid, the real truth is that in all fairness to others and their lives, one's life and beliefs shouldnt bring harm - emotional or physical - to anyone other than themself, unless explicity asked for or distinctly implied.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Wet Foot, Dry Foot

Wet Foot, Dry Foot

If you check out that link above you will read a short article about this group of Cuban refugees who had the misfortune of sailing all the way to the US and getting off their boat on an old, unused, unconnected to the mainland bridge. The current US policy is called Wet Foot, Dry Foot, which means that if the refugee makes it to dry land he/she will get to stay, if they are picked up in the water, they get returned to Cuba. Currently, this group of refugees will be returned since the bridge is unconnected... They are waiting in a coast guard cutter for the final word, but basically, our government is saying too bad.

Imagine traveling all that way in a boat made from an old car, hoping not to sink. The first thing you see is a bridge and you are happy to get off your boat/death trap. Then you get to the part of the bridge that is missing and you are left to wait for the coast guard to pick you up, where you find out that you will be returning to the homeland that you were trying to escape.

Sounds fair to me, if by fair I am actually saying cruel and mean.

New Year, same problem

So I havent written in a while. I honestly dont know why. I keep telling myself that I have writers block, but I just think that is a line of bullshit to cover up the fact that I have been incredibly lazy recently, at least in terms of writing. Such a shame really, for all of you that is, since you havent gotten any of my gems recently.

Thankfully I have plenty of ideas that i want to get down. But this is also where the laziness comes in. I just havent had the inspiration to sit down and actually write something that makes you laugh.

Maybe I need to gain some weight again. Perhaps I have more inspiration when Im fat Josh, as opposed to my current state: thinning Josh. My pants dont fit anymore and my belt is better used as a weapon of self defense since it doesnt hold my pants up. Another 5 pounds or so and the world will get an opportunity to see what they want to see, the glory that is my cock and balls. Oh, and my ass too. I know you want to see it, cause your all dirty minded, filthy mouthed, individuals who love nothing more than a fat cock starring back at you with its vertically slanted snear.

But I digress... Or do I?

I really only say these verbally mean things to see how you all respond. I dont really think about sexual perversions all day long. Normally I think about strawberries and puppies! See, the good things in life, at least according to my 11th grade english student teacher Mr. Reis!