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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I suck at this.....

I have so many thoughts that I mean to talk about in this blog, but I truly lack initiative and by the time i get around to doing this I forget about half of the bullshit that I want to talk about anyway! WHat is my problem? Perhaps I have adult ADD? Ok, probably not, but who knows. In all honesty, I think that whole ADD thing is complete horseshit anyway! Think about it, kids grew up fine for centuries dealing with the same problems as todays kids, yet today children cant survive without Ritalin and all those other drugs. Whats the difference between today and yesterday? Oh yeah, Pharmaceutical companies and their desire to make big bucks!

They make these cure-all drugs and then come up with a miriad of problems these drugs can cure (hence the term cure-all, why did I have to describe that? I dont know, because I am a fucking moron most likely) so that they know that you will NEED the drug to survive! They finally have all of America's children hooked on Aderal so now they need to go after the adult population too! I cant wait until I get my prescription so I can not take the pills as prescribed and instead crush up a mass quantity of pills and snort them like coke! Im salivating at this thought!

I really shouldnt say anything bad about these pharmaceutical companies though since my company is partners with a few of them in the Philadelphia area and the last thing I need is to be out of a job. Then again, I suck and no one reads my stupid ramblings anyway, so I guess I could concevably get away with murder. But with my luck, someday I will be running for president and this will come back to haunt me. If that is the case, let me get this out in the open now: I am for sale. I will whore myself out to any large corporation that wants to pay my way into office! I will get on my knees and suck the dick of Corporate American to get the cash that I so deseire! Oh, I can also be paid off with an infinite supply of Aderal since my comdemnation of having Adult ADD is around the corner!

Lets move on though, I didnt mean to get bogged down in that topic, but it got the best of me;) So a couple of weeks ago I was wandering around a Target in the middle of the day and took notice of something. There are a ton of MILFs walking around with children in these kind of stores in the middle of the day! Now I am not saying that I have a thing for hot ladies with children because honestly, I hate kids, but if someone does have a fetish for honies with children you need to be checking out Target around noon time! Nine times out of ten I would bet these ladies arent getting it good at home and could stand for a good dicking, so MILF hunters of the world take notice, your cash crop is waiting for you at your neighborhood Target! Happy Hunting!

There is now a reason to get XM radio: Opie and Anthony (and their pal, Lil Jimmy Norton, who stinks, but who I also idolize) have signed and will restart their show there in October. Lauren, my beautiful and big breasted girlfriend, and I are buying this for each other, and I cant wait. Not like you fella's are gonna read this senseless drivle, but good luck anyway.

I guess I didnt have as much to say as I initially thought. That or my mind has gone wandering again, so this post will now come to an end. Time to get back to not working and not looking out the windows that I dont have in this closet/office of mine.