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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My new party

Man, I am getting bad about updating this fuckin thing. I always have tons of shit that I want to write about by then I either get too lazy to climb the stairs to post, forget that I have a blog, or completely forget the thought that I had wanted to post about... I need to get back to writing eveyrthing down.

Anyway, I would like to briefly touch on politics again. This time, however, I am going to talk about my ideas on starting a third party (sure, you might think that there already is a third party (Green) or even more, but lets be realistic here, there isnt....). Here we go:

I will base my party on truthfulness and total disclosure, not only regarding my own life and decissions, but also about what the government is doing at all times, about everything that doesnt DIRECTLY relate to national security! That means when I am talking and someone asks me a question I will, now get this, ACTUALLY ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION. Yes, I know this is a novel idea, but someone has to do it. Imagine your elected leader actually telling you something that is realivant, instead of hidding behind a desk tyring to "protect the people." I am so tired of only getting half the story and I tend to think that the rest of the country feels this way too, but all we have to vote for is more of the same... This ideal that I have set for myself will help carry myself and my party towards a new realm of politics - honesty.

I want to rid the national budget of all of the frivolous government spending that goes on day in and day out. This will allow me to lower taxes, but at the same time spend more money on programs that are actually needed, like afterschool programs, healthcare, etc. Of course I would have to look at the current budget and figure out what all this shit spending is going for, but I dont think that would be that hard. I am a realist and I know what money needs to be spent where, and what can be cut, simply out of common sense! I am also really tired of all these laws and bills that get passed that have attatchments on them that have nothing to do with the law or bill itself. For instance, a school bill with an attatchment for more defense spending? WTF?

I really want to get this country back to the ideals that we were founded upon and I am interested in serving the people rather than my own selfish needs like all these other fuckers. Does anyone actually believe that any of these people care about anything other than getting re-elected? I have decided that my ads will only focus on myself, rather than what my opponents do - no dirty campaigning for me. I will discuss my ideas for this country and stand by my beliefs instead of attacking what my opponent does. And if they want to attack me I will confront every attack head on! No skirting the issue, I will answer all questions with honesty.

My biggest stance will be towards getting government out of personal decissions. Why does our government spend money on things like abortion/anti-abortion, or who you want to marry, or what you put in your body? That money can be better spent on educating people about these things so that you, as a person, can make a decission for yourself. Who ever said that the government knows what is best for the individual is paddling up the wrong creak. If we want to grow as a country we need to realize that people can make up their own minds, and correctly I might add, if they are given the pertinant information! A government should run to serve the needs of the population as a whole, that means that individual decissions need to be made by the individual. We are losing our three freedoms that were gauranteed to us in the constitution: "Life, Liberty, and the persuit of happiness."

Thats the problem with this country, we have all become sheep and are following either one flock (the republicans) or the other (the democrats). We have become dependent on our sheppard to showl us what to do and how to live, and honestly, I am tired of it. I am going to start my own flock, where the sheep actually think for themselves, and I shall call it the Alternative Party! It will be the alternative to all the other bullshit that is polluting our political system. We focus on what is best for the country as a whole, as a government, THIS government, should be run.

Who's voting for me?